Laryngology refers to diseases, disorders and injuries of the vocal region. Below are the most common that are referred to ENT specialists:

  • Disorders of the throat
    • Voice disorders
      • The causes of changes in the voice can range from simple laryngitis to complex cancerous conditions. There are a number of conditions both benign and malignant that are regularly diagnosed by ENT surgeons. A simple procedure involving a flexible camera placed in the nose allows the surgeon to see the voice box clearly. This is done in the rooms with a local anaesthetic and is tolerated very well by most people. Children as young as 4 years old are often very tolerant of this procedure.
      • Some of the diagnosed conditions can be simply observed, treated with medications and dietary changes, others can sometimes require surgical intervention.
    • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
      • This condition is often treated by a gastroenterologist’s in most patients. But this condition can also cause a number of throat and voice issues.
  • Vocal Cord medialisation
    • This is a procedure used to correct Vocal fold Paralysis when permanent. Vocal cord weakness or paralysis can occur on a temporary or a permanent basis. Patients can experience swallowing problems as a result of the paralysis.
  • Sleep and snoring disorders
    • Procedures such as base of tongue coblation can be performed to improve snoring in appropriate patients