Paediatric ENT

Paediatric Ent requests relate to otitis media or otherwise known as glue ear, grommets, airway problems, asthma and sinus disease and tonsillitis and sleep apnoea. Otitis Media is a middle ear infection. This can often occur in children as young as newborn’s. This condition is generally very painful and results in high temperatures and sleepless nights. There are some very dangerous complications for this condition, although not common. This condition is easily treated with Grommets (see otology summary): grommets are placed in children and adults’ ears for either infective reasons or for decreased conductive hearing.

Other issues which are commonly treated by paediatric ENTs includes airway problems, such as Laryngomalacia and respiratory papilomatosis, asthma and allergy / sinus disease, tonsillitis / snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.

Patient Care

For some younger patients visiting the doctor and hospital, especially for the first time, can become a daunting experience. In understanding this, Dr Blond focuses on maintaining supportive communication between himself, his patient, and the assisting family/ guardian.  An example of this can be seen through the use of his personalised fairy, pirate, space and princess stories, used when undergoing anaesthetic. Therefore, by recognising the difference between treating younger and older patients Dr Blond aims to make each experience as enjoyable as possible.

Buderim Private Hospital

Specialist Educates Parents On Tonsil Troubles

Dr Adam Blond, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist from the Buderim Private Hospital has released an educational video that aims to help children experiencing tonsil troubles.