Rhinology is a specialty area relating to treatment for the nose, and nasal disease; inflammatory, infective and destructive. Diseases most commonly referred to Ent Specialists are: disorders of the nose and sinuses, sinusitis or recurrent infections of the sinus cavities of the nose, allergy / rhinitis and nasal polyps.

Dr Adam Blond is specialised as a rhinologist meaning he has a special interest in these areas. Considering this, Dr Adam Blond deals with chronic inflammatory conditions, Sinus disease, and reconstructive surgery for the nasal airways.

Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction

This is where we straighten the internal part of the nose and reduce the inflammatory tissues within your nose that help you humidify and warm and wet the ear but can sometimes be out of proportion to its normal size so we shorten the turbinates, straighten the nose and that allows people to breath better. This is often the first step if you are also doing sinus surgery if someone has a blocked and infected nose then by opening the nose and clearing the sinuses we correct two areas that are working together to cause further issues.  

Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyps are common resembling teardrop-shaped growths in the nose or sinuses usually in the opening of the nose. Nasal Polyps that have been there for a while look like seedless, peeled grapes. Nasal Polyps cause no symptoms and if small require no treatment. Larger polyps can cause blockages to nasal drainage from sinuses. Nasal Polyps are not painful to touch and are noncancerous.

Nose Surgical Procedures

Nose surgical procedures include Nasal fractures, Nose bleeds, Septoplasty, Reduction of turbinate’s, Endoscopic sinus surgery, Rhinoplasty, Advanced Endoscopic Surgery, (Pituitary tumours, CSF leaks, Orbital Decompression, Lothrop procedures). Reconstructive surgery also falls under nose surgical procedures and addresses functional issues caused by cosmetic changes.