Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Children should never be snoring regularly but only occasionally when they are very sick or tired. Snoring can bother your partner however, it rarely affects you unless it evolves into sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea comes in three basic layers; mild, moderate, and severe. Mild sleep apnea does affect your general well-being and tiredness, while moderate to severe sleep apnea can have significant health impacts. It can damage both the heart and lungs while increasing the risk of heart attack over the next 15 years by 20%.  Sometimes the responding health care can be using a sleep study and sleep apnea machine or losing significant weight, however, in more extreme cases it can be caused by anatomical problems such as bulky tongues and tonsils, nasal reconstruction, and hypopharynx collapse. Considering this, the ENT surgeon is there to help you understand your condition, improve your airways and sometimes resolve the problem completely.